Fruit trees

1-year and 2- year fruit trees

You will have noticed that fruit makes our heart beat faster. That’s why, alongside our range of rootstocks and small fruit plants, Fairplant also offers 1-year and 2-year fruit trees.

We grow these apple, pear and cherry trees for you on a contract basis, or we involve our network of renowned fruit tree growers.

Fruit trees principle

KNIP growing principle

Fairplant supplies authentic fruit tree varieties with the correct certificates and documents worldwide. From a 1 – year young whip tree to a 2 – year KNIP tree!
With a passion for trees and fruit, we are happy to advise you about the right choice of fruit trees for your goal.

For an intensive apple orchard on the root stock Malus domestica M9 there are 3.500 trees on an average per hectare used. In addition to the rootstock and variety; the climate, ground and the location of the orchard are the main key-elements for the choice of your fruit production.