How to protect blueberry plants from rain and the Suzuki fruit fly

New varieties, new protection techniques come together in Luttelgeest at the demo field of Fairplant. In cooperation with Fairplant, Fruitsecurity has been able to work on a beautiful demo field. Together with Fairplant we have looked to create a realistic demo field with the latest protection techniques. Visitors get a complete picture of what their future plantation could look like. Our systems protects blueberry plants, but how?

Blueberry protection

The different varieties of blueberries on the demo plot are protected with a Powerflex foil system. The Powerflex foil system is the protection system of Fruitsecurity Holland. This system has been proven in practice for years and offers robust protection against rain, insects, hail and wind.  Visitors can experience the growing conditions under foil protection and, unique in the Benelux, with anti-rain net. This is a special net that is extremely tightly woven. Rain runs off the net in the middle of the gutter. With heavy rain there is a kind of mist of small droplets.

The foil is a woven foil that gives a diffused light. This means that the light is refracted and does not radiate directly onto the crop. This prevents stress to the plants.

Blueberry plants

The foil is equipped with insect screens in the gutter. Unique for such a rain cover. This mesh protects the plantation against the invasion of for example Suzukii fly. To make the protection complete, the sides are also shielded with insect netting. Insect netting gives not only protection from insects but also protection from wind. If we have less wind in the plantation, we see this reflected in the crop. Especially in areas with a lot of wind this will save evaporation and stress for the plant and will be reflected in the growth and development of the plants.

Protect Blueberry Plants

The Powerflex foil system is often used to protect cherries, but more and more protect blueberry plants are being protected by the Powerflex foil system. A characteristic of the system is the elastic connection in the gutter. The film is always under tension due to the elastic band and cannot flap in the wind. The Powerflex foil system is therefore wind resistant, something that is certainly not a luxury in the polder landscape at Fairplant.

Blueberry plants Manon

The beauty of the two different types of protection, net and foil, is that the difference in climate can be experienced. In the near future we hope to gain experience with growing under the two different types of protection. By taking measurements we will learn a lot about the stress in plants, what it means for the growth of the plants and the fruit size.

Together with Fairplant we are looking forward to your visit to the demo field.

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Gerben van Veldhuizen