Malus domestica M9 EMLA



The Malus domestica M9 EMLA clone is one of the most adult M9 clones on the market. The history takes us back a couple of years, where the M9 EMLA is selected out of “Paradis Jaune de Metz”; the first M.9 Mallings series in the world developed at East Malling research station in England.
This M.9 EMLA clone is bit more vigorous than the M9 T337 clone and similar like the RN.29 or Pajam® 2 Cepiland.
It has a very well compatibility, good productivity, fruit size and colour.
Also this EMLA-clone is less sensitive for shooters or so called suckers.

All our rootstocks are ELITE-certified and sorted by a SmartGrader of GeJo Grading

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