5 ways to implement big data to help your rootstock grow better

Smart Farming or Big Data, a concept that is popping up more and more in the agricultural sector. A concept…
Blueberry plants

Container or open field? How you should grow your Blueberry plants

The consumption of blueberries increases every year. The prediction is that this growth will continue for the coming years. This…
Soil your undies challenge

Soil your undies! How is your soil life? Part 1.

Soil life is a subject that is increasingly being discussed in our sector. But what exactly is soil life?

Water, our best friend and worst enemy.

Water. One of the most important ‘items’ that is characterizing the planet earth.  Around 71% of the surface of our…

Onze percelen waren 80 jaar geleden nog zeebodem, hoe zit dat?

Onze kwekerij bevind zich op zeer jonge grond, nog geen 80 jaar geleden bestond het hele gebied nog uit zee.…
Rootstocks Fairplant

Rootstock protection; how do we do it?

The health of our crop is the most important subject for the growers at Fairplant. Weeds, fungi, insects, nematodes, viruses…

This is the reason we use bumblebees with our blueberry plants

Bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) are classified as very useful insects, Fairplant totally agrees with this statement. Although blueberry plants are self-pollinating,...

Vacature: Manager weefselkweek laboratorium

Ben jij degene die ons gloednieuwe, hightech Tissue Culture laboratorium tot een succes brengt?

Fairplant start met Tissue Culture lab in 40ft container

Fairplant en ViVi zijn een strategische samenwerking aangegaan om een nieuw Tissue Culture laboratorium te ontwikkelen. Het lab moet in…
Manon Snellink

Ontmoet Manon Snellink, ons nieuwe lid van team Sales!

Manon stelt zich graag aan je voor.