Soil your undies challenge

Soil your undies! How is your soil life? Part 1.

Soil life is a subject that is increasingly being discussed in our sector. But what exactly is soil life?

Water, our best friend and worst enemy.

Water. One of the most important ‘items’ that is characterizing the planet earth.  Around 71% of the surface of our…

Our plots of land were part of the seabed 80 years ago, how is that possible?

Our nursery is located on very young ground, less than 80 years ago the whole area was still in the…
Rootstocks Fairplant

Rootstock protection; how do we do it?

The health of our crop is the most important subject for the growers at Fairplant. Weeds, fungi, insects, nematodes, viruses…

This is the reason we use bumblebees in our blueberry plants

Bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) are classified as very useful insects, Fairplant totally agrees with this statement. Although blueberry plants are self-pollinating,…

High tech tissue culture lab housed in 40’ shipping container

Fairplant and ViVi work together as partners to implement a new tissue culture lab. The lab should be operational by…

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Manon Snellink

Meet Manon Snellink, our newest member of the Sales team

Manon is happy to introduce herselves
Joris Horstink Fairplant

Meet our new sales employee: Joris Horstink

A short introduction of our new sales employee; Joris Horstink

Antoon Ziel joins team Fairplant

We’ve got a new collaborator: Antoon Ziel. He is responsible for the marketing of Fairplant since the end of March....