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We grow for years!

Since the 1980’s Fairplant is growing high quality plants in the unique soil of the Noordoostpolder (Flevoland) – the Netherlands.

Not only growing high quality plants is in our blood. With a big passion for plants and people we take care of everything; from growing and grading till the final delivery and aftercare to you as a customer.

In addition to our years of experience and managing the total supply chain, we are certified by the NAKtuinbouw as an ELITE company and we are Organic certified by the SKAL.

As you can see, you are at home with Fairplant, the total supplier for all your certified and/or organic basic material!

About us

We do it with a fruity passion

Fairplant has a fruity story, a story that we would like to share with you. Click on the button and experience Fairplant.

Experience our story

Rootstock varieties

50+ Rootstock varieties

At Fairplant we can deliver 50+ rootstock varieties for fruit production.

Our sectors 1/2

We are active in 7 sectors

Our sectors 2/2

We are active in 7 sectors


Professional Nursery

On 40+ hectares nursery with over 12.500.000 plants.


Hardworking employees

Through the season over 100+ talented, hardworking employees. Who love to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Fairplant helps

We can help you!

We provide you with knowledge, practical tools and advanced machinery.

Worldwide delivery

We fly, sail and drive for you

We deliver our products to 40 countries worldwide.

Team Fairplant

Happy to share our passion

Our team is looking forward to help you achieve even greater succes in the future!

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Tissue culture Lab manager