We would like to help you

From measuring the plots of land and organising irrigation, to supplying nets, poles, rootstocks and trees, and grading and storing the fruit in the refrigerated sheds, we can take care of everything.

A single point of planning for contact and organisation that can take a load off your mind, and help to bring your ambitions to the next level.

Sharing knowledge

Training and consulting

Knowledge is power, but sharing knowledge creates energy to get things done. Through the years, Fairplant has accumulated so much knowledge and experience that we are happy to share it with you. Make use of our information!

For example, we can advise you about growing or planting your orchard and the intensity of your growing. We can also tell you everything about water management, and offer pruning courses. We offer both group training and 1-on-1 consultancy. Please don’t hesitate to contact us when you’re in need of good advice.

Contact our team

To make your project succeed don’t hesitate to ask our specialists at Fairplant for advice to get the best result possible for your project.


We drive, fly and sail for you!

No matter where you are located, we will bring the plants in the best condition!

Getting the products in the best conditions at your place that’s where it is all about. We have a lot of experience in packing your plants for transport, no matter where you are located.
If needed we can even arrange washing of the plants or the physical transport by itself.  Also we will help you with arranging the correct phytosanitary- and export -documents.  This all so you have a single point of contact that can take a load off your mind, and help to bring your ambitions to the next level.

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We grow effectively

The tree and fruit sector still relies a lot on manual labour, which can lead to high costs. Machinery can deliver major efficiency benefits. Our sister company GEJO develops grading machines used by professional growers worldwide to sort plants, trees, bushes, flowers and agricultural products.

Innovation with FCS
(Farmers Common Sense)

Together with you GeJo combines technology, automatisation, innovation and experience in the Food market of rootstock and potato growing with optical sorting and grading machines. In this way we created together new solutions for precision farming and electronic grading. The end result is an economically sound and sustainable production and product.

More information?

Nursery products

We make your job easier

Fairplant offers various tree growing products, including nets, poles, stakes, binding products and binding pliers.

For handling rootstocks for fruit trees and avenue trees, we supply grafting machines, grafting knives and tools and other grafting materials, such as tape, strips and elastic. We’re happy to help, and that’s why we’re the best address for rootstocks, trees and plants, as well as an extensive range of nursery products.

Good support of a tree is the foundation of a sustainable and successful orchard. We can help you with setting it up correctly. Please let us know what you’re looking for!