Fruit plants

Global player in berry fruit plants

Berries are hot, and that’s no surprise. They’re tasty, full of vitamin C and antioxidants and are served as fruit, as a meal or as a snack.

At Fairplant, we can supply strong berry plants, such as red, white and black currants, blackberries and raspberries.


Fruit plants

A big range of good healthy quality plants! From bare rooted plants to several plug and pot sizes.
We also have certified organic - bio fruit plants available!

Assortiment list

  • Vaccinium Pink Lemonade ®
  • Rubus Tayberry
  • Rubus Sunberry
  • Rubus fruticosus Navaho®
  • Rubus fruticosus Ozkan
  • Rubus fruticosus Thornfree
  • Rubus fruticosus Thornless Evergreen
  • Rubus fruticosus Triple Crown
  • Rubus Bedford Giant
  • Rubus Himalaya
  • Rubus fruticosus Loch Ness®
  • Rubus fruticosus Merton Thornless
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Fruit plants

Available pot sizes

We have different pot sizes available for its fruit plants. We also have a wide range of bare rooted fruit plants. No worries if your ideal size is not there. Other formats are also available up on request.

Floricane versus Primocane

Most varieties of black- and raspberries are so called floricane varieties, which
means they produce berries only on the second-year canes. The fruit appears
in early-to midsummer. The primocane blackberry and raspberry varieties will
produce their fruit already on the first year canes.