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The Dutch fruit growing sector is a world leader in terms of knowledge, production, efficiency and research.

As a Dutch company, Fairplant is at the leading edge too. If you are a fruit grower, government or investor, make the most of our knowledge and experience in the form of project management.


Fairplant - Fruit growing

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Our Network is your Network. Together with our reliable and professional partners you have all the skills within reach.

We are in love with fruit. So for apple, pear, cherry or blueberry, we can help you with your project. A single point of contact for planning and organisation that can take a load off your mind, and help to bring your ambitions to the next level.

From measuring the plots of land and organizing irrigation, to supplying nets, poles, rootstocks and trees, and grading and storing the fruit in the refrigerated cool storage, we can take care of everything.

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Did you know that besides planting material Fairplant can deliver anything what you need regarding your fruit growing project? Poles, wires, netts, tools, bins and crates, all is within reach at Fairplant!


Team members who help you growing!

We have different specialists in our team. Contact us for more information and options about your fruit growing project.

Chiel Blok


Rik Klein


Joris Horstink


Manon Snellink


Thijs Kraaijeveld


Andrzej Styla

Sales Poland

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Martien Rienks


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Gyuri Fenyvesi

Tissue culture Lab manager