Stone fruit rootstocks

Plum, cherry and peach rootstocks

In addition to apples and pears, there are many other delicious fruit varieties for which Fairplant grows and sells rootstocks, such as the stone fruit varieties plum, cherry and peach.

We supply the rootstocks in a healthy and vigorous condition, so that your fruit trees are given the best possible start. You can choose between 1-year and 2-year rootstocks, either generatively or vegetatively propagated.

Make the most of our many years of experience, and ask us for advice about choosing the right rootstock varieties for your desired goal.


Stone fruit rootstocks

We can help you with different types of stone fruit rootstocks. Curious which rootstock suits you the best? See our entire range in de shop.

Assortiment list

  • Prunus mahaleb
  • Prunus Krymsk® VVA-1
  • Prunus armeniaca
  • Prunus persica
  • Prunus cerasifera Myrobalan
  • Prunus Maxma Delbard® 14 Brokforest
  • Prunus Gisela ®12
  • Prunus St. Julien
  • Prunus St. Julien A
  • Prunus Gisela ®5
  • Prunus Gisela ®6
  • Prunus avium
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The Prunus domestica St. Julien A rootstock is a semi-dwarfing rootstock and vegatively propagated. It has a good productivity and fruit size, winter-hardy and is compatible with many cultivars.